Here But Not Here: Lost Histories of the Tees – A film by David Bates

‘Here But Not Here: Lost Histories of the Tees’ is a short documentary film by David Bates with music by The Kara Sea. The film was essentially a product of three years of walking up and down the River Tees on hot, sunny summer days with my small Panasonic camcorder; enthused and inspired by seeing Patrick Keiller’s ‘Robinson’ trilogy several years ago, my aims were to capture the elation I felt in exploring that strange, beautiful landscape, and to explore something of the history, culture and identity of the river and its people. The film was first shown at ‘Undisciplining: Conversations from the Edges’ at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in June 2018.

David Bates

Music 2017

I’ve been listening to The Big Try, the new Dressed Like Wolves album,  it’s a cracking album, well recommended. The band’s Bandcamp page describes the album as half an hour of acerbic lyricism, brazen guitar lines, oceans of organs and thunderous drumsets. I can’t disagree with that.


I haven’t been to as many gigs as I’d want to this year but I did manage to see a few local bands, the standouts being, Ten Foot Tom & the Leprosy Crooks, Mouses, The Magick Godmothers and Girl Sweat.


We’ve also had superb albums from Year of Birds, probably their best yet, and from Soiled/Marcus H, the marvellous, Phonic Grafts.



Amazingly, Pellethead celebrated their 25th birthday this year

Hopefully next year will be as good as this one, Shrug will be releasing their much awaited second album, it’s only taken them 30 years to get around to recording it.


The Tees-side Fettlers

Ring of iron

Side One                                                                       Side Two

Boar’s Head Carol – Traditional                   Blackleg Miner – Traditional

Ring of Iron – Greame Miles                         Chemical Worker’s Song – Ron Angel

Whitby Whaler – Richard Grainger            Jigs – Thady You Gander/Paddy Carey/                                                                                                 The Wistling Thief/The Peeler

Dol-Li-A – Traditional                                     The Waggon Driver’s Song – Ernie Green

Ore Boats – Gordon Steer                              John North – Vin Garbutt

Pulling in Song – Pete Betts                          Pride of Kildare – Traditional

Rap Her to Bank – Jack Elliot                      Shanty Set – Saltpetyre Shanty/                                                                                                            Way Down South/Lowlands

Rambling Sailor – Martin Carthy               Guisborough Road – Greame Miles