Unease by Ivan the Tolerable

This soundtracked my walk from Redcar to Saltburn today, it’s a bit good.

A message from Oli

Happy Bandcamp no-fees day! I made a new EP and its out today so i can raise the funds to replace my 8-track machine which has all but died after 15 years hard labour. So if you wanna buy it, do it today as all the money goes to the artists for the rest of the day. Its pay what you like so all donations are welcome, and if you are skint and still want it, well thats ok too!


Ivan The Tolerable – 16 Pieces for 16 Pools

A message from Ivan the Tolerable (Oli Heffernan).

Bandcamp are waiving their fees today for one day only so I’m putting my new album out early to make some money to pay my rent and bills cos I work in the private sector which basically means I don’t get paid when there is a downturn in work. Great. Anyway, Shoebox Records are releasing the album on 10” and CD if you want a physical copy (there are only 10 left) but if you want it now for any price you like go to this bandcamp link and get it there. If you can pay something that would be mega but if you are in the same boat as me, feel free to have it for nothing. It’s a big old slab of watery endtimes music. Hope you like it. Thanks and stay safe everyone! 

A Ballad – The Lads of the Tees

Old Sagittarius, stuck in the sky  

To serve as a watchman as well as a spy.  

On finding our archers excel those above,  

In envious spite gallop’d off to tell Jove.  

Great king of the gods can you bear to look down

And see your great favorites of old so outdone

No more will your Trojans and Grecians please,  

When eclips’d’ by the feats of these ‘Lads of the Tees.’      


Jove rose in a rage and call’d out for Apollo,

And entreated that he would old Fourlegs follow

And examine if what he’d reported was true;

Then away to the banks of the Tees the god flew;

It happen’ d the arrow was shot for that day,

When the archers appeared in their nicest array;

Their sports and their mirth did his godship so please,

He resolved to stop with the ” Lads of the Tees.”  


Next morning old Jupiter sent out his scout,  

Winged Hermes to know what Apollo was about;  

Who swift as an eagle, headlong dashed forth  

To enquire why the god staid so long upon earth;

Oh ! I’ve found, cried Apollo, some lads to my mind.  

They’re gentle, they’re courteous, they’re social and kind;  

They shoot like us gods, and their songs me so please;  

I’ll never more quit these brave ” Lads of the Tees.”  


With the god of the bow and of music so near,

Triumphant our course, for no rival we fear;

With so splendid a model of grace and of art,

Emulation alone do we need on our part;

Now let us avoid all vain squabbles and strife,

And our science will gild the dull evening of life;

Aud hoary old age feel a glow when he sees

His sons are enrolled ‘mong the ” Lads of the Tees.”  


This is an admirable archery song, and is evidently the emanation of some superior mind whose name is to me unknown. It appears in that excellent selection of sporting lyrics— Charles Armiger’s Sportsmans Vocal Cabinet. 1830.

Taken from Holroyds Collection of Yorkshire Ballads. 1892

The Black Meadow Archive Volume 1

The Black Meadow

“Some artists create a distinctive sound, others magic up an accompanying persona and backstory. Kev Oyston and Chris Lambert have gone one further: their Black Meadow project has seized control of an area of the North York Moors and used it as the backdrop for a deliberately confusing, unsettling multimedia mix of disturbing folklore and Cold War paranoia.
“…the story is set out in the shadow of an early warning ballistic missile station at RAF Fylingdales where a mysterious village, trapped in a pre-industrialised web of sinister superstition, appears sporadically from the mist. “The Village Under The Lake” is a sweeping orchestral overture with banks of synthetic, otherworldly choirs, impressively echoing the cinema work of John Williams. Meanwhile, “Ghost Planes” reverts to haunted type with the crackle of analog MOD communications and the rumble of discontented synths soundtracking investigations into a mysterious aircraft seemingly spiralling backwards through time. “Song Of The Meadow Bird” is a disquieting pastoral delight, all ersatz harpsichords and flutes, the half forgotten theme to some spooky 1970s BBC children’s drama.”

Bob Fischer, Electronic Sound Issue 61, January 2020

Release date 31.01.2020. Available for pre-order here



A limited first edition print (one of fifty) on paper (210gsm) – available in A3 or A2 size – of Chapman’s 2018 massively detailed diagram of the Teesside music scene in which he tried to link every band and musician he could by the members they shared.

What started out as a small personal project born out of love for the local music scene quickly became a huge regional investigation driven by an incredible amount of online suggestions from musicians and fans. The result is a diagram that will never truly be complete or reliably accurate but is impressive never the less.

First displayed at the Stockton Calling festival in 2018 at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees, this version has been photographed for Trashterpiece by Nick Wesson.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Packaged in a postal tube, signed for 1st Class.

Details Here