The Magick Godmothers


I arrived home yesterday to find this wonderful eight track mini-album waiting for me. If beautiful, dirty blues-driven psychedelic rock is your cup of tea then this is for you and I’d urge you to hurry down to Sound It Out Records and buy a copy. You should also see them live, you will definitely not be disappointed.

A Suicide a Wen & a ‘Wise Woman’


The body of a suicide who had hanged himself in Hesleden-Dene, not far from Hartlepool, was laid in an outhouse, awaiting the coroner’s inquest. The wife of a pitman at Castle Eden Colliery, suffering from a wen* in the neck, according to advice given her by a ‘wise woman’ went alone and lay all night in the outhouse, with the hand of the corpse on her wen. She had been assured that the hand of a suicide was an infallible cure. The shock to the nervous system form that terrible night was so great that she did not rally for some months, and eventually died from the wen. This happened about the year 1853, under the cognisance of my informant, The Rev. Canon Tristram.

Notes on the Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders.

William Henderson 1879

*Wen – a boil or cyst.

Saltburn by the Sea

Walking out of Hazelgrove into low autumnal sunshine and clear blue skies. There will probably be a frost tonight. Saltburn faces north, this is unusual for a coastal town.

A small flock of Pigeons live beneath the pier. The yearling Kittiwakes prefer to congregate close to the fish and chip shop. Crows scavenge the strand line.

   Cat Nab was once home to wild cats, a Bronze Age burial was discovered on its slopes. Victorians authors often described Huntcliff as majestic.

The sea wall is in part made of the stone sleepers from the world’s first passenger railway. Another part of the sea wall is an anti-tank wall built during World War II