The ongoing destruction of a Prehistoric Round Barrow on Patterson’s Bank

The Prehistoric Round Barrow on the margins of the woods at the top of Patterson’s Bank is currently being destroyed by cyclists. The Barrow is one of few that survive in this area. It is a Scheduled Monument and is legally protected. It is also a burial monument and contains the remains of our Prehistoric ancestors. Action is urgently required to prevent the destruction of this beautiful monument.

Prehistoric Rock Carvings – Patterson’s Bank

C&R stone Upleatham I
C&R stone Upleatham
C&R stone Upleatham II

I photographed these cup-marked stones about 10 years ago. The stones are associated with a Bronze Age burial mound and are no longer visible as they have been buried by Tees Archaeology to protect them from damage/weathering.

The top photo shows a cup marked slab that is thought may have acted as a cover for a cist (stone-lined box). The second and third photos are of a stone that may have been one of a number of kerb stones positioned around the base of the mound.

The mound itself has a large central depression, thought to be as the result of an episode of 19th century barrow digging. In 1817 the Reverend George Young reported the excavation of a tumulus at Upleatham in his History of Whitby. He later donated a small ceramic pot, found during the excavation, to the Whitby Museum.

Urn Upleatham