Sunshine and Rain – Billingham to Haverton Hill

The last time I walked this route with my camera I ended up with detective constable visiting my house.

The weather changes every 5 minutes.

This is one of the most extraordinary of experiences, a sight almost unique in England. On either side of the road are the works, steaming and sizzling – tall steel chimneys, great cylinders, pipes everywhere. The road goes on and on, to Haverton Hill and Port Clarence: there are acres and acres of this remarkable landscape.

County Durham. A Shell Guide. Henry Thorold. 1980

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Rain – Billingham to Haverton Hill

  1. Ironopolis, Great post. loved it. I remember once Sue were on our way from my parents in the Boro to Newcastle. We went over the Transporter for the scenic route uo the coast and stopped at some ‘chemical’ plant before Greatham Creek to take a photograph. Tyco? There was a sign six feet away behind the second fence saying hat Hazmat and full chemical protection had to be worn. Obviously six feet made all the difference. All the best, John

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