4 thoughts on “Locked Churches

  1. Being a church crawler these days, I find locked churches very frustrating, especially if there are ECM’s inside! Mind you, I have found some amazing things just in the porches in the last couple of weeks, so I mustn’t complain. Most frustrating was the little church at Cascob, and the cottage next door was meant to have the key (it was of course locked) could not be roused though there were cars outside. Ah well, I must see the Abracadabra spell another time.

    1. Porches often hold the real treasures of the church don’t they?
      In fairness I’ve visited some wonderful churches that encourage visitors and their local communities to use the space, playgroups etc.
      Locally to me we have a high percentage of churches that prefer to exclude their local communities from using or visiting them. I really can’t get my head around it.

  2. I have to say some of the ones we visit are no longer holding services, but then there are the ones looked after by the Friends of Friendless Churches and these are unlocked!

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