8 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Intensely sad. It has been there as a presence all my life. Yes, it’s brutal and hard-faced, but that is entirely appropriate for what it represents as a symbol of continuity with our hard industrial past. Vandalism is what it is.

  2. A shameful act, half expected them to still blow it up it even with the listed status. said before the tories always damage the country – leaving the tower standing would be a visible reminder of their failure to back the local steel industry. It’s also another example of the total control they have over any opposition to their corrupt government.

  3. Ironopolis, a cenotaph for an industry and all the men who worked for it and in it for a lifetime. If it’s got rid of it’s out of sight. If it’s out of sight it’s out of mind and then forgotten. That suits them totally. What about the local ‘politicians’? ATB, John

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