Scarth Wood Moor

I took a trip, with my friends Emily and Martyn, to Scarth Wood Moor today to look for the Seven Stones. Unfortunately we all assumed that someone else would bring a map, which none of us did.

I tried and failed to convince Martyn that it is possible to navigate a moor using Rowan trees. Emily demonstrated her pareidolic skills, collected some bones and told us tales of hunting Warthogs.

The Seven Stones were discovered by Frank Elgee in the 1930s,  The stones are the most visible part of a number of orthostat walls. The moor has been a busy place in the past, there are recent stone quarries, small enclosures and burial mounds. Flints have been found on the moor that are characteristic of the late Mesolithic. All of this within sight of a popular tourist spot for Teesside day trippers known locally as Sheepwash.

4 thoughts on “Scarth Wood Moor

    1. Hi G
      There are more than 7 stones, the 7 are the most prominent but the more you look, the more you see.
      It’s no surprise that the Browns have found cup marks here.
      It was a weekday & the kids are still at school so sadly the ice cream van was elsewhere.

  1. It is great to see people noticing the works of the ancients. While the bracken is down this month, one can see two burrial tumuli monuments within 10m of the large car park and one within 15m of the small car park when walking between the two CPs over Round Hill. There are two others to find under or beside the path if one walks on the stream side of Round Hill. I believe the 7 sister stones are three brothers and four sisters in two lines but they have another 500 or so other syblings stretching over 800m across the moor. I have had fun working out how they achieved this. Robert of Osmotherley

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