2 thoughts on “Flints

  1. Bautiful!! So is that a microlith from the Mesolithic do you think? Years and years ago I did my school work experience at Teeside Archeology in Hartlepool, one day we went out on a site visit to a small peak on the Cleveland Hills where a path had eroded a deep scar in the ground surface. I was told it was a possible Mesolithic hunting site, where our ancestors may have watched herds of deer etc moving from the lowland plains up on to the high moorlands through a narrow pass below the summit. We found dozens of tiny fragments of flint created by the hunters reworking there tools. Really incredible!

  2. Hi Graham, thanks for your comment. I’m no expert in these matters but I think the blade is a little too large to be classed as a microlith. We did find a possible microlith on another molehill nearby, I’ll post a photo. Cheers Gavin

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