North – Tyrebagger Recumbent Stone Circle.

Tyrebagger – The Field of Acorns

Plan – Coles, F. R. (1899). Report on Stone Circles in Kincardineshire (North), and part of Aberdeenshire, with measured Plans and Drawings, obtained under the Gunning Fellowship.. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 34. Vol 34, pp. 139-198. via the Archaeology Data Service

4 thoughts on “North – Tyrebagger Recumbent Stone Circle.

  1. I did my dig in Aberdeenshire (Fetternear Bishops’ Palace) and we were taken to see a couple of recumbent stone circles – Easter Aquhorthies and one in woodland, which could have been Corrstone Wood. Certainly different to anything we have down south.

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