Coatham Marsh

Carl Mole and I had planned to walk from Kirkleatham to South Gare. On the morning of the walk the skies were grey and sleat was falling. We changed our plans and decided to take a walk around Coatham Marshes. When we arrived at the frozen marshes the sky was still overcast but we could see blue skies heading our way, by the time we walked out onto the marshes the skies were gin-clear and blue. From a high point we could the snow-capped Pennines on the western horizon and the tower blocks of Sunderland on the coast.

Chasing Kerbs

Red brick in the suburbs, white horse on the wall,

Eyetalian marbles in the City Hall:

O stranger from England, why stand so aghast?

May the Lord in His mercy be kind to Belfast *

*Ballard to a Traditional Refrain by Maurice Craig lifted from Brendan Behan’s Island 1963