The Middlehaven, Stockton St. – Formerly The Ship Inn – The Oldest pub in M’bro Est 1831

The Middlehaven - Formerly The Ship Inn - The Oldest pub in M'bro

I used to occasionally collect my wages here on a Thursday afternoon and splash out on a pint and a Upex pie.

During the 1800’s there were dozens of pubs in old Middlesbrough many of their names reflected the trades of the men who drank in them, all of the following pub names ended with ‘arms’; The  Boilermakers, Butchers, Ferrymen, Moulders, Furnacemen, Bricklayers, Brewers, Slaters, Potters, Miners, Shipwrights, Mariners, Blacksmiths, Puddlers, Keelmen, Platelayers, Mechanics. Other old Middlesbrough pub names reflected the origins of many of the towns immigrants, e.g. Rose & Shamrock, The Exile Of Erin.