The Gatherley Moor Magic Tables

About the year 1789, two curious specimens of supposed Magic Tables, on lead, were found by Wm. Hawksworth Esq. enclosed in a tumulus near the Roman road Watling Street, which crosses Gatherley Moor in Middleton Tyas parish north of Richmond.

The Tablets read – I do make this that James Phillip, John Phillip his son, Christopher Phillip and Thomas Phillip his sons, shall fle Richemondshire , and nothing prosper with any of them in Richemondshire – I did make this that the father, James Phillip, John Phillip and all the kin of Phillip, and all the issue of them, shall come presently to utter beggery, and nothing joy or prosper for them in Richemondshire.

Examples of printed folklore concerning the North Riding of Yorkshire, York and the Ainsty.

Mrs E Gutch 1901