St. Germain’s to Hazlegrove

In 447AD Germain was invited to revisit Britain, and went with Severus, bishop of Trèves. It would seem that he did much for the Church there, if one can judge from the traditions handed down in Wales. On one occasion he is said to have aided the Britons to gain a great victory (called from the battle-cry, Alleluia! the Alleluia victory) over a marauding body of Saxons and Picts. Source

North – Wandering to Fittie

Further wanderings around Aberdeen

Aberdeen is so thrivingly alive because its order is tempered by randomness. There is a balance between regulation and chaos. It is contradictory and imperfect.

A polychrome relief in a monochrome city

A site of continuous improvisation

All quotes taken from Off Kilter Pt.1 written & presented by Jonathan Meades. BBC 2009

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