Chasing Kerbs

Red brick in the suburbs, white horse on the wall,

Eyetalian marbles in the City Hall:

O stranger from England, why stand so aghast?

May the Lord in His mercy be kind to Belfast *

*Ballard to a Traditional Refrain by Maurice Craig lifted from Brendan Behan’s Island 1963

Saltburn by the Sea

Walking out of Hazelgrove into low autumnal sunshine and clear blue skies. There will probably be a frost tonight. Saltburn faces north, this is unusual for a coastal town.

A small flock of Pigeons live beneath the pier. The yearling Kittiwakes prefer to congregate close to the fish and chip shop. Crows scavenge the strand line.

   Cat Nab was once home to wild cats, a Bronze Age burial was discovered on its slopes. Victorian authors often described Huntcliff as majestic.

The sea wall is in part made of the stone sleepers from the world’s first passenger railway. Another part of the sea wall is an anti-tank wall built during World War II

Wilderness Road

Mandale Triangle-Wilderness Road-Newport

I bring you ten ton gain to this hometown range

Bona fide what you hear is the sound of pain


A woman, food falling from her mouth, is not happy with me photographing a poster. I try talking with her, she suspects my motives.

Someone shouts ‘Paedo’ at me from a passing car.

I brace myself, the car does not return.

Separating sharks from the blessed is vital




How the hell you gon stop this tide from steady coming

Parks were once created as green spaces. The new parks are for shopping, cars & business

Too big to slide though they try to disguise

soundtrack – Roots Manuva