From The Transporter Bridge to the Arch over Wembley Stadium

…gone with barely a whimper

Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company

Established 1877

Closed September 2021

Assets sold November 2021

Direct Jobs lost 133

Bridges built

Advertisement from Graces Guide to British Industrial History

23 – The Black Path

Read a history of The Black Path here

Think on..


The current government had an opportunity to save the blast furnace

Blast 1

they chose not to take it.

The blast

Unemployment across the Tees Valley is double the national average at 3.9%. The number of jobless youth is higher, at 5.2%, compared with the national average of 2.3%. And Middlesbrough has more deprived areas than any other local authority in the country, with almost half of its 42 neighbourhoods among the poorest 10% nationally. Source