Coatham Marsh

Carl Mole and I had planned to walk from Kirkleatham to South Gare. On the morning of the walk the skies were grey and sleat was falling. We changed our plans and decided to take a walk around Coatham Marshes. When we arrived at the frozen marshes the sky was still overcast but we could see blue skies heading our way, by the time we walked out onto the marshes the skies were gin-clear and blue. From a high point we could the snow-capped Pennines on the western horizon and the tower blocks of Sunderland on the coast.

Erasing Ironopolis – A Sad Day

Large drinks all round for Mayor Ben Houchen and his ‘independent’ Teesworks Heritage Committee.

Committee Members

Co-Chair – Kate Willard OBE Chair of the Board of Directors Teesside International Airport Ltd and also its holding company Goosepool

Co-Chair – Jacob Young MP. Director Teesworks – South Tees Development Corporation

Member – John Baker. Former Member of South Tees Development Corporation, Director South Tees Site Company

Member – Dr. Tosh Warwick. Heritage Consultant

Member – Laura Case, Head of Culture & Tourism. Representing Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

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What price?

“More than 200 people have contributed to a total of 199 individual submissions over the two consultation phases. One third of respondents specifically express a view on the blast furnace, just over half calling for its demolition whilst the remainder call for its protection.The widest common support for a particular view is that there should some form of lasting museum or extension of an existing museum, put forward by around a third of respondents, with different ideas about its detail. About one sixth of respondents expressly suggest that the Dorman Long tower be preserved, with very few expressly calling for its demolition.” Source

The decision to demolish the Blast furnace was informed by the opinions of ‘just over’ 30 people

Heritage – The history, traditions, buildings and objects that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character

The Blast

‘Saw the end of that iron-making town

Saw it slowly start to die

As all around the works closed down

Yet no one could really say for why

Then one morning we were told in the wet and cold

To all gather round the foundry door

Where the manager said with a shake of the head

We’re none of us needed any more’

From Iron-Making Town by Graeme Miles

David Walsh

I read this morning that David Walsh had died. He was a great man and will be missed by many. My friend Martyn Hudson Watts wrote these words.

So sad to hear of the passing of Davey Walsh. A socialist, an intellectual and historian, a public transport user and a tribune of the people. And what’s more – a decent and kind man who cared for and had solidarity with everyone around him. He defended and protected working class people. Rest in power Davey.