..Where Tees in tumult leaves his source,

Thundering o’er Caldron and High-Force;

Beneath the shade the Northmen came,

Fix’d on each vale a Runic name,

Rear’d high their altar’s rugged stone,

And gave their Gods the land they won.


Rokeby. Walter Scott

Project Lono


Project Lono is a collaborative experiment between electronic musician S.J. Forth and poet Bob Beagrie, who are exploring the integration of the spoken word with original music and soundscapes.

Roseberry Topping


Since high enthroned on Ida's fateful plain 
Sat Odin, when the Northmen hither roved 
They chose this throne-like hill for him they loved, 
Here o'er Valhalla should the great god reign; 
Hard by ran Mimir's fountain, whither, fain 
To know if Heimdals warning could be proved, 
When Asgard trembled and the earth was moved 
By Ragnarok, went Odin, but in vain. 
Fountain of sorrow, hill-top dark with fate. 
The cloud pavilions reared upon thine height, 
The stars that tremble o'er thee, speak of woe; 
Yet this of solace have we, that we know 
Neither the day we shall be desolate, 
Nor that dread hour when o'er us falls the night. 

Sonnets Round the Coast by Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley. Pub. 1887
thanks to Graeme Chappell

Long Meg & Her Daughters


Long Meg Tree


A WEIGHT of awe, not easy to be borne,
Fell suddenly upon my Spirit–cast
From the dread bosom of the unknown past,
When first I saw that family forlorn.
Speak Thou, whose massy strength and stature scorn
The power of years–pre-eminent, and placed
Apart, to overlook the circle vast–
Speak, Giant-mother! tell it to the Morn
While she dispels the cumbrous shades of Night;
Let the Moon hear, emerging from a cloud;
At whose behest uprose on British ground
That Sisterhood, in hieroglyphic round
Forth-shadowing, some have deemed, the infinite
The inviolable God, that tames the proud!

William Wordsworth 1833

The Black Path – The Album



Linear Obsessional is proud to release this compilation of pieces that almost accidently refer to the demise of the once great steel making tradition on Teesside, in the North East of England.

“The Black Path” was an exhibition held at the House of Blah Blah in Middlesbrough in January 2016. This CD is a recording of sounds, music and poetry from that exhibition.

The download includes a 24 page PDF booklet of notes, photographs from the exhibition, and an essay by Alistair Nixon.

released October 21, 2016

The Black Path is an ancient route. It has been many things: the northern boundary of an Anglian Kingdom, a medieval sailor’s trod, and a convenient path to work for the steelworkers of Middlesbrough.
The Black Path Project commenced in early 2015 as collaboration between Chris Whitehead and Gavin Parry, they soon realised that a number of other artists in the area had also created work based around the path. They then set about contacting artists and asking them if they would be willing to join the project with a goal of producing an exhibition. Once assembled, they approached the House of Blah Blah, who were very enthusiastic about the project and agreed to work with the group.
The goal of the project was to present a contemporary response to the Black Path, at the time no one could have predicted what events unfold over the following months in terms of the collapse of the steel industry. This project now has an added poignancy; it has accidentally captured the end of an era.
The exhibition and show features, field recordings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and music, all created as a response to the Black Path. The exhibition commences with a performance by two groups of musicians, Ammonites and Warped Freqs. both of who have written music especially for this occasion.

Animal Lore


Bees should never be bought, they should be either given or stolen

Snakes will not come near to a raw onion

Horses will not go past a snake as they can smell them

If you kill a beetle or a cockroach it will rain

When a crow sits on a wall it will rain

If a cat sits with its back to the fire it will rain

When crows and swallows fly high the weather will be fine

A yellow frog is a sign of good weather

Some folk believe that pigs can see the wind

Toads can spit fire and will fly at you if cornered

It is good to see a hawk at a wedding as hawks do not eat the hearts of other birds

It is lucky to have a swallows nest on your house

It is lucky to take a horse through a house

It is lucky to hear corn-crakes at night

It is unlucky to kill a spider – He that would wish to thrive, Must let spiders run alive

It is unlucky for a cock to crow at night, the cock must be killed

When a cock reaches the age of seven he will lay an egg

A whistling wife and a crowing hen are neither good for god nor men

If a black pigeon lands on your house there will be a death in the family

A bird pecking at your window is a sign of death

A robin in the house is a sign of death

If a nurse finds a louse in her hair, her patient will die

To cure a wart pierce a black snail on a thorn

Rubbing your spine with grey snails will strengthen it

A dried cat’s skin held against the cheek will cure toothache

Sampo: Heading Further North


In this collective collection Bob Beagrie and Andy Willoughby retell and remix the mythical Finnish epic, Kalevala, in a molten flow of lyrical and brutal language, adding their own characters alongside the questing heroes of the myth cycle, weaving together images from their vagabond voyages around the world before bringing it all back home to the post-industrial landscape of Teesside that has spawned and inspired them.