Save Dunelm House

Brutalist by tradition but not brutal to the landscape… the elements, though bold, [are] sensitively composed’. Nikolaus Pevsner


The beauty of Brutalism – Durham’s concrete masterpiece needs love, not the wrecking ball  – The Critic 2019 


“The greatest contribution modern architecture has made to the enjoyment of the medieval city” Prof. Douglass Wise

Save Dunelm House Campaign

Gainford Stones



Digging through some old files I came across these two pictures that I took a few years ago in the Monk’s Dormitory in Durham Cathedral.

The stones both originated in Gainford. The stone on the left is a cross shaft and depicting two beasts. The cross shaft on the right depicts two figures in knee-length tunics.

Image Source – The Sculptured Stones of Scotland Vol. 2 John Stuart. 1856