The Old Hell Way


When I dee, for dee I s’all, mind ye carry me to my grave by t’church-road

Street Lane – Water (Great Fryup Beck) -Long Causeway Road – Nun’s Green Lane – High Gill – Fairy Cross Plain – Water (Little Fryup Beck) – Stonebeck Gate Lane – Slate Hill – Church Way – Danby Rigg  – Tofts Lane – Crossroad – St. Hilda’s Church

TOHW path

Choose the wrong path, risk waking The Old Wife.

TOHW path round hill

Round Hill & The Fairy Cross Plain

TOHW path i

Stoups guard the route

TOHW path vii

 The descent into Danby Dale & St Hilda’s Church



Lea-Sand – A fine sand that is brought from the eastern moorlands, to lay upon the strickle or sharpening tool for the lea

Lea – Scythe

Strickle – The tool with which the scythe is sharpened. A wooden whetstone, which is first greased and then powdered with lea-sand.

Danby Rigg

The lithics, though few in number, do provide evidence for activity on Danby Rigg from the late Mesolithic onwards. The fact that it is sparse compared with other areas probably reflects the extent of peat coverage rather than the absense of prehistoric activity

Prehistoric & Early Medieval Activity on Danby Rigg, North Yorkshire.

Harding A

Royal Archaeological Institute 151, 1994


flint finds