In praise of Stockton

A New Song in praise of Stockton, in the year 1764

by Mr William Sutton


On the banks of the Tees, at Stockton old,

A castle there was of great fame we are told,

Where the Bishops of Durham were wont to retreat,

And spend all their summers at that gallant retreat.

Derry Down & co.


‘Twas once a time, that King John being there,

The chiefs of Newcastle, did thither repair;

Humbly prayed that his Highness would deign for to grant

Them a charter, of which they were then in great want.


The King highly pleas’d with the Bishop’s grand treat,

Abounding in liquors and all sorts of meat

Their prayers comply’d with, the charter did sign,

Owing then, as ’twas said, to the Bishop’s good wine.


From Northern Garlands. Published 1810

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