4 thoughts on “The ghosts of the border

  1. A worthy piece of research 🙂
    – must have been a large community to support that many pubs.
    All those people sitting and chatting together, having a laugh and maybe a sing song.
    These days pubs are closing because people just drink at home by themselves.

    1. That part of Middlesbrough was the original town, a true boom town, with people flocking in from all over Europe to work in the iron trade and build the ever-expanding town and its industries.
      The town was surrounded by iron works, shipyards, a thriving port and all the other activities required to build a new town from where once was only farm land and marshes.
      It would have been a filthy and fairly lawless place, with people living in whatever spaces they could find. I guess the pubs were warm and offered some kind of temporary escape for the workers.

  2. Ironopolis, A few memories in there. In the mid-sixties I used to work for Bass delivering her from their depot on Cargo Fleet lane. The Robin Hood was one of our destinations for deliveries and when I told my mother my mate and I were going for a pint ‘over the border’ at the Robin Hood she was scandalised.”‘That place, the women have price on the sole of their shoes”. I never did check that pricing out but the people were a pleasure to have a few beers with. ATB, John

    1. I remember the Hood John, it did have a certain reputation. My grandad was a pub manager for Vaux and he used to take me around with him when he was visiting his mates, all of who were in the trade. I also remember the draymen delivering the beer, dropping the barrels from the lorry onto onto a stuffed hessian sack. They’d have a pint at every pub they delivered to. Cheers Gavin

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