Wandering Billingham Town Centre searching for remnants of the brave new world

Sadly the Telstar pub is now called The Lion Sports Bar & Grill

3 thoughts on “Billingham

    1. Dunno about top 10 but to a kid from Middlesbrough, Billingham was a glamorous place, we had soot blackened victorian buildings, Billingham had a modern town centre with an ice rink and a huge swimming pool. We had streets, Billingham had Boulevards and avenues. Even the Chemical works looked futuristic.It’s a shame to see it on hard times. The Brut is unbalanced since the demolition of this rare beauty

  1. We used to travel to Billingham from Redcar for the ice rink.

    I think we used to go swimming there too. I think the pool had proper height diving boards.

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