Benefits – Empire

The new single by Teesside band Benefits is loud and angry and for me captures the rage and fear felt by many at the current state of our society. The language may offend you, the noise may offend you, but the message is true and uncompromising, that is what is important.

Here are a few things that offend me

In our region, the HBAI figures indicate that 37% of all children and young people in the North East were living in poverty over the three years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic (2017/18 to 2019/20) – equivalent to more than 11 children in a classroom of 30 across the region, and up from an average of 34% in the three years before (2016/17 to 2018/19).

Record 2.5m food bank parcels given to people in crisis in the past year.

The UK has the worst regional inequality in the developed world, with people in England’s North East worst-off overall.

There are 171 billionaires in the UK, 24 more than a year ago

3 thoughts on “Benefits – Empire

  1. Gritty, raw, angry, disturbing and symptomatic of the simmering rage throughout the country. Well posted. People starving, the NHS under-funded, schools under-funded. Infrastructure buggered. Meanwhile billions is being spent trashing the countryside to build a railway to Manchester, the North,that will sae ‘eight minutes’ of time. It’s going to Leeds too eventually apparently but not the North East. A major rant is coming on so I’ll stop.

    Bloody well posted Ironopolis.

    No doubt Radio 1 will plug it endlessly. From their re-located studio in Manchester.

    ATB, John

  2. A fierce and powerful rant.
    What should we expect after a decade of conservative government
    Conservatives always damage the country, and provide the right environment for the worst aspects of human nature to dominate.
    But perhaps worst of all are their ‘collaborators’ in all branches of the media who keep them in power.
    Very sad to live through such times, but i keep the faith.

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