6 thoughts on “Looking for a Religious Crucifix Lamp?

  1. That would certainly have been a big market in Middlesbrough.
    My grandmother’s neighbour on Brompton Street, off St Barnabas’ Road, was a devout catholic and she always bought her kitsch religious bits and pieces at the Catholic Suppository, Every time I see the word Depository I think of her. ATB, John

  2. Brings back memories of encountering hardcore Catholic kitsch for 1st time as a teenager. Thanks to segregated schooling, I hadn’t realised that world existed before. Eston seemed to be its heartland, hence a funny-in-the-early-80s joke that “the Sisters of Mercy are big in Normanby”.

    • haha
      I think the whole Middlesbrough district was a heartland Mark, when I was little there was the Corpus Christi parade through the town. Also the teachers wearing shamrock on St patrick’s day and us kids singing ‘hail glorious st patrick dear saint of our isle’, alway struck me as odd. The nightmare of easter, when you seemed to be in church every day, kissing crosses and all that guff. My grandparents ran a boozer in Linthorpe, I remember the black-clad nuns sat in the pub lounge counting the money from the big blue Nazareth house charity box..shudders.

  3. Crikey, those nuns used to terrify me when I was a kid. Mum and I would be waiting for the ‘T’ Bus outside Haigh & Ringrose next to the Park Hotel and they’d just appear in pairs, always in pairs, walking towards us rosaries tinkling, I wonder if there was a convent on Park Road South?. Childhood fears or what? ATB, John

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