A coastal walk with Graeme Chappell

Kettleness – Cat Beck – Randy Bell End – Hob Holes – Runswick Sands – White Stones – Redscar Hole – Hill Stones – Kettleness Sand – Kettleness Scar – Wind Hole – Long Sand – White Shoot – Maiden Wyke – Lucky Dogs Hole – Kettleness Alum Works

The Fairies long gone, the sound of Claymoor battledores no long ring over Runswick shores.

Hob has flit, kink coughs go untreated.

A whale lays headless and rotting on the rocks at White Stones. The stench of death and decay is all around, even the gulls avoid this place. We push on, scrambling over rocks, mouth breathing.

17th of December 1829. The village and Alum Works of Kettleness slid down the cliff to the sea. No lives were lost. The village and works were swiftly rebuilt.

Ore was gathered from these beaches when Teesside furnaces were still an idle dream.

Iron returns to its source, the sea reclaims its own

Shap Granite, batholith born, ice borne.

The sun is shining, we are bold.

We wade through whin following a cliff-top path to the Alum Works, we watch Gannets. A very good day.

9 thoughts on “Kettleness

    1. Cheers Mark, In Alan Morrisons excellent booklet, Alum, he has estimated that 25 million tons of rock and clay was shifted in the production of Alum, and that’s just along the coast.

  1. It was indeed a grand day along a beautiful bit of coast line, and so much of interest. Runswick and Kettleness did us proud, they even let down a rope for us to climb back up the cliff. πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting to see the carving has survived – presumably one from the village church when it all ended up on the beach. An interesting history for that piece of coast.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I suspect the carving has been done in the recent past. It has been carved on to a boulder, is quite large and crudely executed. There are a number of boulders down there with carved graffiti on them, mainly names.

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