Middlesbrough Pictorial & Industrial – Harold Hood

Published in 1926 by photographer and commercial printer, Harold Hood, Middlesbrough Pictorial & Industrial is Hoods love letter to Middlesbrough. Hood photographed the town, its people, buildings and industry. He quotes one critic as saying, If they felt about it as I do they would make a bonfire of the place tomorrow, and pitch the statues of its creators head-most into the flames..

This book was his response.

3 thoughts on “Middlesbrough Pictorial & Industrial – Harold Hood

  1. I’ve just had time to go through photographs and there are some beauties. The tug called ‘Coalopolis’, the Art Gallery or Art School text and the intercontinental ship sailings from the Middlesbrough Dock and the others like Newhouse Corner. A proper treat. ATB, John

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