The Smell of Water Part 3: Danby Rigg

8 thoughts on “The Smell of Water Part 3: Danby Rigg

  1. Thankyou, I did enjoy this. I have just been off on a wonderful discovery of hags – here in Wales they we have the Hag of the Mist (Cwrach-y-Rhyibyn) who is associated with the warning of approaching death – the Cyhyraeth (spectre, death portent), which is most associated with the area around the River Towy in Carmarthenshire (I used to live there – glad I moved now!)

    What a shame that the stone with the ring-cairn fell foul of Canon Atkinson (or rather, his minions – I doubt he broke into a sweat just having to watch them). Was there a record of what was found?

    1. Hiya and thanks for your comments. I have a few Welsh ‘Wrach’ sites on my Old Wife map, the Cyhyraeth is new to me so thanks, I’ll look into that to see if it fits my criteria.
      Regarding Atkinson’s 1863 dig, he reported finding ‘much charcoal’ and two urns, both of which contained charcoal and calcined bone. One of the urns survives and is in the British Museum, the other is lost.

      1. Somewhere Atkinson mentions that nearly all the burial mounds he investigated had already been dug into, with pits or wide trenches in them. Previous diggers were looking for valuables, so they just smashed the funerary urns they uncovered. At least Atkinson kept some records of his diggings. – i think his notebooks and stuff are in Whitby Museum.

  2. Brilliant video – really enjoyed it. Just this morning finished re-reading ‘The Old Straight Track’ – so was really pleased with the sighting places as you got up on the Rigg…. (Watkins Centenary is being celebrated at Blackwardine crossroads, in Herefordshire on 30th june at 12.30pm!!)
    As usual more places to add to the long list….

    1. Thanks, hopefully you’ll enjoy the next film when we talk about the corpse roads. This months Northern Earth Magazine is a Watkins special & well worth seeking out.

  3. I was up there on Tuesday and saw a slab of stone on the path marked with a tally , do you have any idea what it could be for ?

    1. Hi Duncan, is that the marks on the rock just before you descend into Little Fryupdale? If so I’ve noticed them many times but haven’t a clue what they mean.

      1. Yes that’s them I’ve been there several times but this was the first time I’d seen them

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