3 thoughts on “Black Dog Lore of the North York Moors – Martyn Hudson

  1. Ironopolis, thanks for that post, very interesting. Wasn’t there supposed to be a black ghost dog at Dalton near Hurworth?
    There’s a legend in North Norfolk of ‘Black Shuck’ who is a portent of doom and death dragging his chain behind him, particularly around Blakeney on the coast. ATB, John

  2. A couple of interesting kettleness place names on the old os map – Lucky dogs point on cliffs to east and Scratch Alley to south (scratch is a name for the devil).
    Some folklore I have read mentioned catholic priests of the ‘old school’, when called to exorcise a troublesome ghost or spirit, conjured it into the body of a black dog, which was then led to some remote moorland bog and transfixed there for eternity. There was something about a stake marking the spot, and if anyone removed the stake the spirit was free to cause trouble again.

    Atkinson’s odd book called ‘Last of the giant killers’ mentions the Barguest at Egton Church and also one at Danby that was “often met on the old church road” (page 150 – book is on the internet archive)

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