23 -Wandering from Coulby Newham to Middlesbrough Town Centre

Good Friday 2021

I hadn’t seen my mate Carl Mole for ages so we decided to go for a wander, following our noses from Coulby Newham to Middlesbrough town centre.

8 thoughts on “23 -Wandering from Coulby Newham to Middlesbrough Town Centre

  1. Loved to see the spikes of Equisetum pushing up – we saw some on our rambling round Torquay – fields covered in concrete boxes, but still the spikes come up as they have for millions of years…

  2. A really wonderful post. The Bluebell, I could see that from my bedroom when I was a kid. The ‘Arty’ or artificial lake. Got muddy in there a few times. Middlesbrough College of Art, two years there in the mid-sixties, great days. I remember Lords full of headstones, and Barnabas Road. The timeline was/is an inspired idea too. Stay safe. ATB, John

  3. The water wasn’t a lake when I was kid but it drained in from the moat in Acxklame which in turngathered the water from an overflow in the lake in front of the school. That water came from a pond on the east side of the Avenue of Trees, a continuous link if you like. It was marked on some maps as ‘The Artificial Lake’. ATB, John

    1. Along with the filled-in pond on the avenue of trees it was originally a fishpond John from a time when fishponds were there to provide food for the manor. When I was a kid with was pretty much as it is today. The name has alway intrigued me.

  4. The ‘Fishpond’ aspect is interesting because when I was kid we used to fish for the odd carp that we’d see in the pond on Hall Drive and in the old moat with the orchard in the middle in Acklam Woods. We’d occasionally see the carp, just to keep our interest up, but with our amateurish techniques we never caught one.stay safe, ATB, John

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