Back on the Gare

A week or so ago I took a walk across the Bran Sands with my friend Graham Vasey. Graham was filming the area and I was trying to capture some field recordings. Unfortunately it was blowing a gale, the wind making it almost impossible to capture the sounds of the sands.

The other day the weather was beautiful and the winds were light so I returned to the Gare to try and make some recordings. The Gare was busy with people coming and going, constant traffic noise replaced wind noise, a conspiracy between the natural and human worlds.

6 thoughts on “Back on the Gare

  1. Ironopolis, The Gare, in my mind, is water and wind with the distant sound of industry and trains shunting but I suppose it’s all changed now. I do enjoy your photographs and quirky photographs of Teesside. Great stuff. ATB, John

    • Thanks for that Jon, I’d seen an article in the local paper but wasn’t aware that Steve Sherlock’s paper was freely available. I’ve put a link to it on the blog, along with your comment.

  2. I made quite a few recordings down at the Gare, I became interested in the seaweed sounds at low tide. Out of geeky interest, what are you using for sound recording?

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