Escaping the crowds of Saltburn we headed to Cattersty Sands. Skinningrove has none of the seaside amusements of it’s neighbour so sees far less visitors, what it does have is a beautiful beach and a very good fish and chip shop which sadly was closed today.

Iron was mined here before the discovery of the main seams in the hills at Eston and prior to mining, iron-rich stone was collected from the beaches at Hummersea. An ironworks was established above the town in the late nineteenth century to process the local iron ore with coal and limestone imported from County Durham. The slag from the furnaces was poured onto the cliffs and also used as a building material in and around the village. The cliffs are an impressive site and are now home to nesting Fulmars and Jackdaws.

The names Cattersty, Hummersea and Skinningrove are all Scandinavian in origin. The cliffs to the south of the village are the highest on the east coast. Archaeologist Dr. Steve Sherlock’s work at nearby Street House has revealed evidence of occupation since at least 3900BC.

The Skinningrove/Loftus area does not see a great many visitors compared to other parts of our district but it has a fascinating landscape and rich history, all well worth seeking out. If none of this interests you and you just fancy a walk on a mile of so of beautiful uncluttered beach I’d recommend a trip to Cattersty.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Sherlock’s work at Street House there is a video here of him giving an online lecture at the Royal Archaeological Institute.

4 thoughts on “Cattersty

  1. Very evocative photos of my favourite place in the North East coast. It’s such a calming and “real” place to be and the people are lovely.

    I remember being at the closing day of an exhibition about seven years ago when the artists had come to collect their work. One of them commented that Skinningrove “would make a great artist community “, and I thought, please, no.

    It’s people’s home, and the start of something that would inevitably lead to gentrification would price locals out and destroy everything they makes it so special.

  2. ironopolis, Another delightful post, what treat. That piece of drift wood looks like a terrier stretching to sniff something. Oh, and is that your old Border Terrier in front of the Pill Box? He looks a happy man. stay safe, John

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