6 thoughts on “Cheers

  1. Ironopolis, The same to you and yours and not forgetting the Border Terrier. We had one who lived to seventeen and a half, he could star a fight with his own shadow. I still miss him eight years on. All the best and stay safe, John

    • Thanks John, that fella is 15 and doesn’t get out onto the moors much now, he’s a lover not a fighter. He’s visited more standing stones, stone circles and witnessed more solstice sunrises than most people I know.
      All the best to you and yours.

  2. I’ll raise a glass to you too (Sam smiths chocolate stout from Santa)
    Been some great posts this year, looking forward to next year’s

    • Same to you Graeme mate, looking forward to reading your new blog and reading the new book. Does the lovely stout taste better when drunk within sniffing distance of the brewery?

  3. Keep up the great posts, Gavin.
    Hopefully hear you on the wireless when Bob gets round to it again.
    Have a cool Yule and peacefull 2021.

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