Saltburn Beach

I hear and smell the beach before I see it.

The air still carries a charge from the storm.

A primary school teacher once told me that small children are noticeably more excitable during a storm

If the knot is undone, turn for home. If the knot remains, keep walking.

4 thoughts on “Saltburn Beach

  1. Ironopolis, My wife was an art teacher and she said in windy weather and storms the children were always supercharged. lovely photographs again, the long view of the pier is super. I remember when it was longer with a sort of banjo end, we used to go to fish for mackerel in the summer and cod in the winter. All the best, John

    1. it’s not just kids Rhys, having worked on the sea and lived beside it for much of my life, I get a real thrill being in a storm. Nowadays I’ve also come to appreciate the joy of a lovely big coat.

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