on blackamoor by Martyn Hudson

My friend Martyn Hudson has published a very special book called, on blackamoor. Martyn has an intimate knowledge of the moors, but more that that he has a deep love of the place, something which is very evident in his writing, as he takes us on a very personal journey through its unique landscape and history.

If you have any interest at all in the North York Moors or the history and folklore of a landscape, I would encourage you to read this beautiful book. Copies can be purchased here

martyns book

martyns book back

Watch Martyn talking about the Moors for the recent Discover Middlesbrough History Month here


7 thoughts on “on blackamoor by Martyn Hudson

  1. Ironopolis, I shall order the book this evening. I have to say that ‘North York Moors National Park’ really irritates me, to me they are always the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Another bit of Teesside stolen by the marketing speak people, just the name of our airport. Link it to Durham much prettier. Grr, talk about surrendering your heritage. When I was a kid there was sign two thirds of the way up Clay Bank that said North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Rant over! I shall buy the book. Stay safe, all the best, John

    1. Hi John,
      I’m not sure there was ever an official designation of the North Yorkshire Moors, on the old OS maps the northern-most moors are called Cleveland. I guess when the park was established in the early 50’s they wanted to create a distinct identity for the area, somewhere separate from the many other moors in North Yorkshire and as Martyn points out in his book, on a clear day you can see York from the southern margins of the moors. If it’s any comfort to you, round here, people use both terms but more commonly just call them ‘the moors’.
      Hope you enjoy Martyn’s book.
      Cheers Gavin

  2. Thanks Ironopolis, I think like most Teessiders I know how to hold a grudge. AS always they’ll always be North Yorkshire for me. Earlier your post below didn’t show so that’s another book to buy being a fly fisherman who fished the Tees, Esk, Seph, Rye and Swale in my younger years. The Boss and I plan a holiday in the area when all this chaos settles. Stay safe. All the best, John

  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I ordered a copy Thursday night, arrive this morning (Monday), very quick. Can’t wait to get stuck in. Great to support a fledgling printing press in Saltburn too.
    PS – I love this blog.

  4. The Moors have been known as the North York Moors for a very long time. When they were named, there was no such thing as North Yorkshire: there was just Yorkshire, the North Riding, and the city of York. The Moors took their name from the city, not the county: “North York Moors” means the moors north of the city of York, not the moors in the northern part of the county. The incorrect name North Yorkshire Moors has only come into common use in the decades since the modern administrative county of North Yorkshire was created in the 1970s. You may call them what you like, but “North York Moors” is the original and correct name.

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