Ivan The Tolerable – 16 Pieces for 16 Pools

A message from Ivan the Tolerable (Oli Heffernan).

Bandcamp are waiving their fees today for one day only so I’m putting my new album out early to make some money to pay my rent and bills cos I work in the private sector which basically means I don’t get paid when there is a downturn in work. Great. Anyway, Shoebox Records are releasing the album on 10” and CD if you want a physical copy (there are only 10 left) but if you want it now for any price you like go to this bandcamp link and get it there. If you can pay something that would be mega but if you are in the same boat as me, feel free to have it for nothing. It’s a big old slab of watery endtimes music. Hope you like it. Thanks and stay safe everyone! 

3 thoughts on “Ivan The Tolerable – 16 Pieces for 16 Pools

  1. Hello want to order the CD But can only find 10inch and download! Help! Can you send me a suggested cost (I’ll pay a bit more) and PayPal address and I’ll place an order. Many thanks. All the very best. ian////kerr

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    1. hI Ian, I just passed your message to Oli, he replied..
      ‘The package includes a CD with the 10” – the 10” has 4 tracks on it and the cd has the whole album’
      cheers Gavin

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