Teesside Steel – The Final Years

Teesside Steel

Teesside’s steel industry was born in the 1850’s and died in October 2015. Steelworker Mike Guess took it upon himself to record the final few years of iron and steel making on Teesside.  ..the mothball, restart and eventual closing of iron and steelmaking on Teesside was something that I was not going to fail to record. It was almost an obligation to future generations..

As well as Mike’s beautiful book there is currently a new exhibition, Steel Stories at the Kirkleatham Museum.

6 thoughts on “Teesside Steel – The Final Years

      1. Thanks. I’ll have a ride over to go see in the week. I’ll be taking my wallet.

      2. Finally caught the exhibition. Thanks for the heads up. I was distracted by the work of David Mulholland and got his book instead. He’s quite a find.

      3. Got to catch up on Len Tabner’s work, too. What I have seen looks great. But I can’t say how impressed I am with DM. Some of his pictures come as close to capturing what it was like to live a life dominated by the works as anything I have seen.

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