Bob Fischer

I’ve recorded a few short episodes for Bob Fischer, the first one will be broadcast tonight here

I went to Rudston on Tuesday to explore the Wolds landscape and visit Britain’s tallest standing stone. I managed to get hopelessly lost in the winding lanes between Scarborough and Bridlington and arrived just as the sun was setting on a moody day.


4 thoughts on “Bob Fischer

  1. I must have known you were going, as last weekend i was checking this again on Memmory Map …..

    Rudston Standing stone Latitude 54° 5’ 37’’
    Devils Arrows (north one) Latitude 54° 5’ 37’’
    Great Stone of FourStones Latitude 54° 5’ 29’’ – approx. 200m (8 seconds of latitude) to the south of this east – west line.

    This makes the Devil’s Arrows 44 miles due west of the Rudston Stone, and the Great Stone of Fourstones 45 miles west of the Arrows.

    Its probably coincidence, but i quite like it.

  2. I have not read anything by him, but i get the picture. It is not really my cup of tea.

    I had another think about it, and realised that if you visit the Devils Arrows and stand at the southern stone – then the Great stone of fourstones is due west, if you then walk to the north arrow, the Rudston standing stone is due east.
    The time to freak out is when you try to extend the line further west, and it passes through Newgrange !!!!……. (it doesn’t btw).

    Did you see the cup marked cross base in Adel church yard? there is also a Slavering Baby well around there too.

    1. Signposts on the road to Doggerland perhaps (-:
      Adel a flying visit, I forgot about the cupmarks. There was a service on while I was there. I’ll head back at some point as I’d like to see the interior of the church. Fancy the Plough Stots in January?

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