Maiden’s Garlands – Rudolf Rocker

My friend Chris Whitehead kindly sent me a link to Rudolf Rocker’s lovely song. The song is taken from their 2012 album The Whitby Scar  released in 2012 and is still available to buy.


The organ in the church was used on the recording of the song. This and other tracks from the album are discussed in an interview with Mark Goodall on Chris’s Out on Ye! blog.


2 thoughts on “Maiden’s Garlands – Rudolf Rocker

  1. Gavin, brilliant looking organ sir! You could maybe change the post title’s spelling to Rudof though? The band is named after the celebrated Anarcho-syndicalist. Unnecessarily pedantically yours, Chris

    1. Cheers Chris, error corrected. I’ll pass on the potential knob joke but will take the rare opportunity to out-pedant you by changing it to Rudolf as opposed to your suggestion haha

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