5 thoughts on “Saltergate Double Dike

  1. I think blaise vyner had an article in the Antiquity journal about these cross ridge earthworks on the north york moors.
    They don’t seem to have provided any real defense against man or beast , so they were perhaps more of a symbolic barrier separating off the land on the end of the ridge – ‘nab end’
    There may also have been something about the ends of the earthworks running into ‘watery’ locations?

    1. His paper, The Brides of place: cross-ridge boundaries reviewed, was published in CBA Research Report 101 1995. I am slowly working my way through the gazetteer.

  2. The antiquity one was called “The territory of ritual: cross-ridge boundaries and the prehistoric landscape of the Cleveland Hills, northeast England” 1994. Probably covering the same research, but I have an off print of it if you want a read sometime.

  3. Fraid not, i have not seen any reference to the Percy Rigg well. I was going to comment on it as your description suggests some lost history at this site. Although the spring is relatively isolated, some one has spent time and effort creating the trough to collect the water, possibly for general use, but it does not look like there were any dwellings on the moor, to make it worth while (The trough is marked on the 1850’s OS map so it was before then).
    The well’s proximity to the Percy Cross might be relevant – perhaps it was a holy well connected with the cross? The boundary stone might also lend some support to this, as there are cases where a boundary line goes to a holy well, because it was already a well known landmark in the area – like the Hilda spring at Aislaby.
    We can only speculate if nothing has actually been recorded about these places.

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