Kildale Moor

Kildale Enclosure

A Bronze Age cremation cemetery, enclosed by a bank of earth and stones surviving as an earthwork on the highest point of Kildale Moor. The cemetery measures 15m by 16.5m internally with an maximum wall height of 0.4m. The centre has been mutilated by excavation in 1941 and the wall in the east has been cut through by an excavation trench now refilled. The feature is partially visible on air photographs and was mapped as part of the North York Moors NMP. It is not possible to determine the latest evidence for the feature due to dense vegetation cover on the 2009 vertical photography. Pastscape

fox hole

Predators are prey



A lone conifer thrives until the next burning

Signing the land

 A broken ring buried in the heather




3 thoughts on “Kildale Moor

  1. Apparently, Kildale was home to Roland Close – one of those old moors archaelogists, so he may have put a trench across it at some point. There is another cremation cemetery on Moorsholm rigg (to the south of Freebrough hill) – so someone must have excavated and found several cremations for the sites to be classified as such?
    To the south of Kildale moor there is a cup marked stone on Hograh moor and i remember you could just see the top of Roseberry from it.

  2. I think Rowland lived at Shepherd’s House, Baysdale. Just across from here as the bridle way heads up to Warren Farm from Baysdale there is a little memorial also built by him. The Hograh bridge was also built by him and his brother as far as memory serves on the Skinner Howe Cross path. Was up on this enclosure in the early winter but could make out very little on the ground.

  3. The Pastscape link I posted was broken, I have corrected it. The entry states that the site was excavated in 1941 by R S Close. His site archive is held by R H Hayes. No reference to publication. (5)

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