Preston upon Tees

A suicidal mallard left me stranded and wandering for half a day around Preston upon Tees.

A dead-end lane runs from the main road across farm land on the outskirts of Preston. At the end of the lane is a double row of houses called The Moorhouse Estate.The estate was built in 1936 as part of the Land Settlement Act, which redeployed men from industry on to the land to work in small holdings.

A bridge carries the railway line over Moorhouse Estate lane. The original Stockton to Darlington railway ran on the other side of the main road through what is now Preston Park. The route of the line can be still seen as a low embankment in the woods running parallel to the main road. The line was moved to its present position in 1852.

Not knowing the area I follow the network of footpaths from the main road towards the river.

The Preston Pipe Bridge built in 1959  by Dow-Mac Engineering Construction Ltd at a cost of £42,000

The Jubilee Bridge, opened in 2002 links Stockton with Ingleby Barwick. During the 1990’s Ingleby Barwick was reputed to be the largest private housing estate in Europe.

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