Raymond Hayes

Much of what I know today about the history and archaeology of North Yorkshire comes from Raymond H Hayes. It was a true joy to see one of his field maps on display in the Ryedale Folk Museum.

Update. I’ve just been reading some recollections by Raymond Hayes, he writes of Mr Crosland giving him his set of 6″ OS maps on which he had marked sites and finds. Mr Crosland had a small museum at Hutton Le Hole which later became the Ryedale Folk Museum so I guess the map may be one of Mr Crosland’s. Hayes writes that the maps were extremely useful when he became OS Correspondent at the invitation of Charles Phillips.



One thought on “Raymond Hayes

  1. Noticed the Lady Well spring marked on that map – not much to see there today unfortunately.
    in the back of the museum there is a room full of books, which i think was Raymond Hayes’s ‘study’, they also have his photo collection. i asked the lady in charge about his annotated maps, and she said they had been left to one of his friends who lived in Pickering. I was a bit suprised because they must be a treasure trove of information and ireplacable if anything happened to them.
    This was over ten years ago, so i wonder if they have got the maps at the museum now ?

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