I arrived home on Tuesday after three weeks offshore. I was keen to get out and have a walk so a friend and I met up for a traipse around the whinstone quarries at Preston on Tees. It rained solidly throughout the morning, we went our separate ways at midday by which time we were both soaked to the skin. I decided to head into Stockton town centre to hopefully dry out a little, have a beer and get something to eat.


My first stop was the Wasp’s Nest, I was the only customer so after a nice pint I moved on to the Hope & Union. A couple of pints and a delicious sandwich later I walked over to the Golden Smog.


The Wasp’s Nest and the Hope & Union are lovely bars, with great beers and friendly people, the Golden Smog is my favourite.


It’s about 18 miles from Stockton to my home and I have very little recollection of leaving the pub or travelling home on the train.

This morning, on checking my camera I found these photos.

On checking my bag I found these two bottles of beer.


On checking my notebook I found these scribblings.

If you only went out in the sunshine you’d never smell the woods

R Platforms 1 & 2 – why

Black Mass

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