4 thoughts on “The Devil’s Arrows

  1. i could never figure out which stone was carted away? i would guess it was B – from the spacing of the ones that are left?
    But it looks like A was right next to the road so why not take that one?
    apparently the stone was taken to make a bridge so maybe A was not suitable?
    Its a shame old Aubrey didn’t have a camera

    • Pretty sure it was B, there’s a fair old gap between the roadside stone & the first field stone. In proper stone row style, the stones grade in height too, so it must have been a good size and took a fair bit of dragging out.

  2. Its another one on my ‘to do list’ – to go look at the bridge and see if there are any Arrow like bits of stone in it.
    Using the 3D bit of Memory map shows that the Arrows are on the top of a low circular island of land between the river Ure and the river Tut.
    With Studforth Hill to the south east also looking interesting?

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