Friends Burial Ground Skelton.


There is a stand of four trees beside the Skelton to Lingdale road. The trees enclose a small rectangle of land at the edge of a cultivated field. The site is overgrown with brambles and has been used as a roadside dump, there is detritus from the road, bits of cars and a couple of tyres

The thing is, this site is marked on the 1856, 1895 and 1920 OS six inch maps as a Friends Burial Ground. On the 1930 edition the site is not named but still marked as an enclosure. The site is not marked on the modern 1:25000 map.

I’ve found a couple of references to this site on local history websites but cannot find any information regarding whether the human remains have been moved.

Update I found some information on the wonderful History Skelton in Cleveland website. The burial ground is mentioned in a document from 1689. The page also has a list of people who are buried there. All details can be found here 



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