Thunderbolts, Giants & Fallen Angels

BM belem

Thunner-bolts, the petrified remains of a kind of cuttlefish in the Whitby lias, resembling tubes of various lengths and thicknesses tapering to a point. These are thunderbolts, we are told, that have fallen in former times and like the British flint arrow-heads are applied to the cure of disordered cattle.


The fossil bones of the Saurians in the same strata belong to the angels who were cast out of heaven for their rebellion; while the elephant’s teeth met in this part, are those of the mythological giants. The nodules or globular stones yielded by the same shale are balls which have fallen to earth from heaven’s (perhaps Miltonic) artillery.

A Glossary of Words used in the Neighbourhood of Whitby. F K Robinson 1876

Blake Paradise lost


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