3 thoughts on “The Old Wife’s Hill – Cundall

  1. Anything noticable on the ground?
    Its not a big hill, but the name seems to be attached to the highest point just on the east side of the road – noticed the nearby church is St Mary and All saints.
    I seem to remember having alook around the wood with Edna Whelan many moons ago – but could not see any thing.
    There is an old wives wood on a hill near wetherby – SE3610 4700 with a carlston hill next to it.
    We need to make a map with all the Old Wife places on

    • Hopefully the map is in hand G, I’m planning on writing something detailing my old wife explorations if you fancy dipping your toe into co-authorship again.
      I know you ended up bruised & battered last time.
      The hill had nothing significant other than the church at its foot and the proximity to the Swale. The walls around the church were of the usual type apart from the wall pictured which is quite unusual for the area. I wasn’t aware of the wood, cheers.
      I stopped by Carlow Hill at Over Silton on the way home but didn’t climb it, I’m saving that for another day.

  2. I’ve had my name on a book, so its your turn now 🙂
    If you can pull it all together it will be fascinating, and i would be happy to help where i can.

    Only thing that crossed my mind about The old wife hill at Cundall was that there might be some view towards Hood Hill/Sutton Bank?

    As for Carlow Hill at Over Silton – its wick with Faeries up there 🙂 If you need back up, let me know.
    The places names in the area are suggestive – Milking Hill, Carlow Hill, Hobthrush hole (cave), The Stone Lad, Hood Howe Stone, Hanging Stone, cow keld, Mother Dale, The Nine Stones, Jenny Brewster Spring
    The Red Way (a track on the moor – there are a few more of these around the NYM’s).
    The Hill top called ‘The Hoppings’ (north east of Carlow Hill) might have something to do with the story of the Hob jumping from the hill above his cave to Carlow Hill?

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