The Tabernacle of Satan – Stokesley


Lady-Cross where the Broughton and Ayton roads branch off from the common one leading from Stokesley, appeared to be the rendezvous of everything evil; here the most daring feats of demoniac agency were exhibited. This place surely was the tabernacle of Satan: Here night after night, Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Witches, Warlocks and even Pluto himself reigned triumphant, here he held undisputed sway! One benighted wanderer was suddenly confronted with a headless lady, dressed in blazing garments yet unconsumed. Step by step she accompanied him from the cross until he reached the entrance of Kirby lane, where with a most terrific screech she disappeared! Another gentleman on a dark night was wending his way from Ayton to Stokesley, when arriving at the fatal spot, his ear was accosted with a demoniac yell, and there appeared before him, dressed in white, and mounted on a white horse, a lady fair! She rode by his side for some distance, then urging her charger passed instantly from his sight.

The Cleveland Repertory and Stokesley Advertiser. Three volumes in One. January 1843 to December 1845

Lady Cross

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