If you put milk in your tea before sugar, you will lose your sweetheart.

Left-handed people are not safe for a traveller to meet on a Tuesday morning

It is unlucky for a traveller on Monday morning to meet a man with ‘schloof’ or flat feet.

If meat shrinks in the pot, it presages a downfall in life.

If a quill be thrown over the house, and caught in a basin, it will turn into a silver spoon.

It is sinful to burn evergreens which have been used for decorations.

Children before baptism are at the mercy of the fairies, who may carry them off at pleasure

It is unlucky to be bitten by a fox.

The first body buried in a graveyard goes to the devil

Eels blood will cure a wart

Sunday children are in Yorkshire deemed secure from the malice of evil spirits

Eating porridge that has been made over a stream that flows north to south will cure whooping cough

The first child baptised in a new font will die

A crow disperses the bad luck that a magpie brings.

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